Real Life Case...

Sometime ago I met this person who was a friend of my friend, I would like to call this person Apple.

One day, we were supposed to go somewhere and then Apple said that she needed to go back to fetch something on our way to our final destination.

Upon reaching here house she parked the car outside and went in to fetch the things Apple wanted to bring along. So while waiting for her me and my other friend waited outside. It was a beautiful house. While my friend enjoyed the puffing, I swing into my own world, ie feng shui. Very quickly I made 2 measurements and not long after Apple came out and off we sped off.

After the event finished we finally had the time to sit down and had coffee, I hesitated a while but finally I decided to ask Apple. I said "Your house feng shui is no good, you will have many issues with both human issues and money, do you have this problem frankly"?. She looked stung for a while. Then she asked me how did you know? You are first time here & you never stepped into my house!. To be honest , yes in the last 4 years I had many issues liked you mentioned. But how do you know?".

I continued, after your renovation, things will turn better but still not great this year but only next year. She gave me another of her stung look. She revealed, yes this house was feng shuied twice and once was by a famous celebrity master. For 4 years Apple went through hell in life and yet the Celebrity Master could not correct Apple's Feng Shui and yes Apple also learnt from this Master.

The purpose of this article is not to boast about me nor CAFS nor to put anyone down but to share one important point.

Spending the time and money to learn Feng Shui and yet not able to help our own self is indeed frustrating. Time is one commodity that God has given very fairly to everyone and yet he makes sure no money can buy back time. If you have decided to learn, make sure your time counts for Time you cannot buy back, Time passes and when you realize that you have been practicing the wrong thing it will be very devastating.

Something I wish not for you....